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Greetings from BEACON at Salisbury University


One of the key mission elements of BEACON is the focus on providing experiential learning opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students of the Franklin P. Perdue School of Business. By working on projects with clients spanning the public, private and non-profit sectors, students gain valuable insights into how different industries function on a day-to-day basis. They get to expand upon their project management skills and work directly with clients to determine the scope of work for a project, develop project timelines and milestones, understand and manage client expectations, and prepare project deliverables. Students are able to do all these while simultaneously developing their own leadership skills, managing a team of peers, and practicing task and responsibility delegation. BEACON also helps students build and manage their professional networks through working with a variety of clients, attending industry and corporate events, and joining a number of professional organizations. 

As previous BEACONites, some of our most valuable lessons learned while working with BEACON have included the ability to manage client expectations and unexpected project pivots. Throughout our education, we read about the theories and best practices for accomplishing these. However, experiencing them firsthand in a corporate setting is invaluable. Learning how to communicate project successes, as well as project challenges, directly to our clients has helped us grow as young professionals. It has been a tremendous opportunity to work for BEACON, and the lessons learned will be carried with us for our entire careers, far beyond our time with the University.


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Jessica Iacona, Program Management Specialist                      Gabriella Winsky, BEACON Alumna

BEACON Project News


Impact of Nonprofits on Maryland's Lower Eastern Shore


When talking about economic drivers, many sectors are often highlighted, but one in particular is frequently overlooked: the nonprofit sector. In addition to improving the lives of many Lower Shore residents, nonprofits have a profound impact of the region’s economy. The services provided by nonprofits are critical for the residents of the area. Equally important are the significant economic and employment impacts these nonprofits generate as they provide indispensable services. Based on a study conducted in partnership with the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore and Maryland Nonprofits, BEACON estimates the economic impact of nonprofits in the region to be over $695 million annually. The nonprofit sector also supports over 9,200 jobs locally and contributes over $379 million to the regional economy through wages paid (2017). During difficult times, nonprofits can add a layer of resiliency to the local economy, as the need for the services often increases when other areas of the economy are suffering. During the 2008 recession, the nonprofit sector played a counter-cyclical role, increasing employment by 11% while the for-profit sector employment declined by 1.7%.

Beyond these economic and employment impacts, nonprofits play a crucial role in the quality of life within the region. Nonprofits in the region address a wide array of needs, from health care to housing and education to the environment. Approximately a third of Lower Shore residents are served directly or indirectly by local nonprofits (United Way, 2017). Nonprofits also save taxpayer money by reducing the service load of governmental programs and providing services at nearly half the per-person cost of similar state-run programs.


To learn more about the impact of nonprofits on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland and view the full report please visit:

From the BEACON Archives


Date: 2004

Project Name:Project Adelante!

Project Sponsor: Eastern Shore Regional Library (ESRL)


This 2004 project was launched under the umbrella of BEACON’s Bienvenidos a Delmarva initiative. Bienvenidos a Delmarva is a regional network of over 70 service-providing organizations that collaborate to address common challenges and issues related to our region's non-native-born population. The network focuses on capacity enhancement and service improvements in a variety of areas, including cultural competency, language, education, health care access, transportation, housing and legal aid. The BEACON team working on this project conducted a comprehensive needs assessment to determine how more members of the region’s Latinx community could be encouraged to use library services. First, culturally competent survey takers interviewed a large number of Latinx community members.


These interviews were then followed by 11 focus groups. Based on the findings from the ethno-survey and the focus groups, the BEACON team developed a comprehensive marketing plan for the Eastern Shore Regional Library. The plan was designed to help ESRL increase the use of their member libraries’ services by broader demographic segments of the population.

Student Spotlight: Corinne Sherry

braeden Dahl

I am a senior research assistant with BEACON at Salisbury University. I am currently a senior at SU, double majoring in finance and information systems with a minor in accounting. I am part of the Honors Student Ambassador Program serving as a peer mentor to new honors students. I also am the accounting tutor at the Center for Student Achievement and a University host at Admissions.

This past summer, I worked with the Salisbury-Wicomico Economic Development to help develop allocation methods for the CARES Act funding granted by the Maryland State government for COVID-19 relief. Our goal was to efficiently and effectively award grants to small businesses in the Wicomico County area that were financially impacted by the pandemic. This role demanded a lot of research, a skill I will easily be able to apply to BEACON this semester.

As the only undergraduate research assistant this semester and with a remote learning experience, it has been an exciting challenge to develop my role at BEACON. However, I am thrilled to learn new business analytic software and research methods throughout this semester at BEACON. I am even more excited to work alongside the other hard-working members of this organization. I hope to be able to utilize what I have learned at BEACON and apply it to a financial analyst position after graduation in May.

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