Summer 2021

Dr. Larence Becker's Tribute to Dr. J. Craig Clarke

Dr. J. Craig Clarke

When I arrived at the Salisbury University Psychology Department in 2007, I was lucky to discover a kindred academic spirit in Dr. J. Craig Clarke. In the years since, we have spent countless hours discussing cognition and perception, as well as debating the pedagogy of our discipline. Having adjacent offices in Holloway Hall, we would often dash from one to the other to share a research finding or a new mind-blowing visual illusion. And, later in the day, when things got really serious, we’d discuss the finer points of the music of the Beatles or Bob Dylan (whom we saw at the Civic Center in 2012).

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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Jason McCartney

Dr. Jason McCartney

Dr. Jason McCartney has been a member of the SU Psychology Department since fall 2002. He regularly teaches courses in Infancy and Childhood, Developmental Disabilities, General Psychology and a seminar on Nature-Nurture Issues. In fall 2020, he offered a Special Topics course on the Development of Self-Regulation. Past research interests have included infants’ attention to faces and voices, as well as factors impacting preschoolers’ self-regulation. His current research involves college teaching and assessing the effectiveness of seminars. He has collected data involving students’ level of interest, engagement, judgments of class productivity and memorable discussion topics. In the fall, Dr. McCartney will work with a student researcher to collect data on seminar courses offered in the Psychology Department.

Zoom Workshop

Making Social Connections


The Psychology Department met students' needs for social connection and meaningful dialogue by hosting a series of forums, a workshop and a screening over Zoom during the spring semester. Forum topics addressed ongoing and current issues including anti-Asian violence and racial socialization. The students in Dr. Yuki Okubo’s Racism and Coping Lab conducted a workshop on antiracism for other students. The faculty screened and discussed the film Social Network, exploring the current influence of social media. Other forums focused on students’ professional development needs, including internships, applying to graduate school and school psychology. Our featured alumna, Briana Jordan, shared with our students about her career path to becoming a school psychologist. Our students love hearing from alumni, and thanks to the technology skills we gained this year, we hope to connect more alumni from far and wide with our students. Once we return to hosting in-person events, we will gladly welcome local alumni to participate.

Antiracism Training


The Racism and Coping Research Lab, supervised by Dr. Yuki Okubo, remained active during this Zoom-filled, unusual and taxing year. Lab members are Soleil Darbouze (joined in spring 2021), Caitlin Fell, Brielle Gourley, Jenna Hutson, Sebastian Mantilla, Leah Maratea (graduated in fall 2020) and Jennifer Welch. All students joined the lab wanting to learn more about racism and how to dismantle it, as a result of racist incidents that occurred on campus.

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Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic


During the past year, Dr. Heidi Fritz's research lab has investigated the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental and physical health outcomes and on resilience factors that promote positive coping. Psychology students Sandra Zelaya, Ian Hare, Erica Hall, Sydney Steeves and Taylor Karnes helped Dr. Fritz design and run a study examining Salisbury University students' adjustment in February and March 2021 and compared their progress to SU students from three prior semesters.

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Drs. Heidi Fritz and Echo Leaver pose in front of Psi Chi booth
Psi Chi Photo booth

Celebrating New Psi Chi Members


The Psychology Department has had a Psi Chi chapter since 1973, inducting over 1,500 students into the psychology honor society to date. The Psi Chi induction ceremony occurs each spring semester. It is an event that students, their families and faculty alike enjoy. In light of the pandemic restrictions limiting indoor group activities, Drs. Heidi Fritz and Echo Leaver, the Psi Chi co-advisors, used their creativity and hosted a drive-through induction ceremony for 40 of the 73 new members. The event included three stations. Inductees read the Psi Chi pledge to Halle Lane, the current student president (and past secretary), they got swag bags with some special goodies from Drs. Leaver and Heidi Fritz, and they had the opportunity to take some photos at the selfie station before leaving. Dr. Larence Becker shared his musical talents to make the event truly special.

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Zoom Call

Accelerated Mentoring Program


The Accelerated Mentoring Program (AMP) finished its first year strong. The AMP, funded by the American Psychological Association Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs’ Commission on Ethnic Minority Recruitment, Retention and Training in Psychology Task Force (CEMRRAT2) Implementation Grant and the Salisbury University Fulton School Dean’s Office, is a comprehensive professional development program for students majoring in psychology who have interests in social justice and anti-racism. The AMP integrates a mentored community-based participatory action research (CPAR) experience with intensive professional development. It is co-directed by Drs. Yuki Okubo and Michèle Schlehofer.

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Alumni Spotlight: Briana Jordan, 2015


What are you currently up to?

After returning home to New Jersey for a few years after graduation, I returned to Salisbury in July 2020. Right now, I am finishing up my master’s in school psychology at Montclair State University, which is in New Jersey. I am also completing a full-year internship as part of my program right here at Wicomico County Public Schools. Upon graduation and completion of my internship, I will stay with the district through the 2021-2022 school year as a full-time school psychologist! In this role, my main goal is to help students reach their potential and find personal success. In addition, my own personal goal is to raise awareness around the field of school psychology as a whole.

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