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Salisbury University Dietitian Newsletter  |  September 2020 

the nutritious nibble

In This Issue:

What’s New at Commons | Health Tips | Snacks and Easy Meals | Kitchen Essentials | Basic Cooking Tips and Recipes by Gordon Ramsey

What's New

Much has changed on college campuses this year; SU included. Commons dining has a new look, new ways of ordering and a new website. We are working hard to keep the campus healthy. Here’s what’s new this semester.

  • Plato’s Plate in the Marketplace featuring vegetarian and vegan favorites
  • Enhanced pizza station with new state-of-the-art ovens and additional menu options
  • Relocated Roastery station with all of your Bistro and Roastery favorites
  • Remodeled deli station
  • Full service at previous self-service stations, including pizza, burgers, fries, soup, ice cream, toasting of bagels and more
  • Revamped salad station with made-to-order options
  • Grub Hub order kiosks in the dining hall for made-to-order eggs/omelets, deli sandwiches and stir-fry dishes with monitors in the Rotunda that will alert you when your meal is ready without having to wait in serving areas
  • Reduced seating, allowing for social distancing in all dining rooms
  • New flatware dispensers at dining room entrances, conventional re-usable silverware available upon request
  • Foot-pedal-activated hand sanitizer stations conveniently located throughout dining areas.

In addition, menus are now interactive and provide nutrition label information with the top food allergens identified. Use the filter feature to customize your menu view. For example, want beef for dinner? Filter and see what the options are. Have an allergy to milk? Filter and see only dairy-free options. Don’t like green beans? Filter them out and see only dishes without green beans. You can also mark your choices and check out the nutrition facts for your meal. Vegan, vegetarian and halal-certified meats are noted with icons on the menu page.

Keeping Bodies Healthy

The beginning of the semester is a lot like entering the new year. With a clean slate in front of us, we make affirmations of what we will accomplish and make plans to reach our goals. Meeting new friends and catching up with old may be high on your priority list, or you may be all about grades. No matter your priorities, we all want to stay safe and be healthy, and that includes taking care of yourself. The foundation for intellectual acuity and a healthy body is in eating foods that keep your mind and body functioning optimally, sleeping well, getting the exercise you enjoy and managing stress. By the way, these things are also essential to a healthy immune system. This is as important for seniors as it is for freshmen.

Concerned about your budget? Take advantage of your meal plan to make the most of your food dollar. Having a meal plan can be the cornerstone of eating well, especially for a freshman. Without one, it can lead to a steady flow of pizza, fries and cupcakes. For a reminder on what a balanced plate looks check out the Harvard Plate, it’s simple! Below are tips for meal planning and what foods to have in your apartment or dorm. Don’t forget your favorite comfort foods!

Even with the all-inclusive meal plan and the limits of a dorm room, you can make snacks and meals that are fun, taste great and support your health. The key is to have the right foods – for you – on hand. There is much you can do with just a refrigerator and a microwave!

Focus on snacks and quick meals.

  • It’s easy to microwave a meal or snack. For a quick breakfast, try scrambled eggs. Explore these dorm-friendly microwave recipes, then create one all your own.
  • Nuts and pumpkin seeds are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. You can add these to cereal or eat as a snack.
  • Fruits: Fresh fruits like grapes, apples and oranges last longer. Bananas can be eaten within three-seven days. Snack packs or canned fruit won’t go bad. Don’t forget frozen if you have a freezer, which are great for smoothies. Plan on eating fruit every day.
  • Vegetables to dip
  • Mixed salad bag
  • Cheese, yogurt
  • Nut butter for sandwiches or snacks with an apple or crackers
  • Microwavable vegetables and meals: Try to get at least some healthier ones!
  • Carb-attack snack: We all want Snickers and Oreos, but also have some cleaner ones like Smart Pop popcorn and chips without preservatives and additives.
  • Dark chocolate is loaded with beneficial phytonutrients and tastes great.
  • Your favorite comfort foods

Aim for color and variety in your vegetables and fruits

Kitchen Essentials

Many students are first-time cooks and are not sure what equipment to have in their kitchen or are lacking kitchen skills, like how to use a knife. Here is a list of kitchen essentials and a more in-depth look at kitchen utensil options. Below are recipes and cooking skill tips.

Talk to the Dietician

For a personalized approach to eating and improving your health, see Terry Passano. Appointments are free of charge to faculty, students and staff.

Terry Passano

University Dietitian

Commons 151


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